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10% CBD oil

10% CBD oil

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Discover 10% CBD oil, designed by Nanogram, and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation.

Contents: 30 mL

CO² extraction guarantees optimal conservation of CBD benefits

Home delivery within 3 working days



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Enjoy a new type of product straight from Nanogram: 10% CBD oils


What is 10% CBD oil?

Kilogrammes is constantly seeking to satisfy the desires of its consumers and to renew itself in terms of CBD products in order to offer you even more choice. On our online CBD shop, you’ll find a range of Kilogrammes CBD products, including magnificent CBD flowers with their unique aromas, as well as CBD resins and CBD pollens from our cultivated CBD cannabis plants. Today, Nanogram’ s CBD oils are in the spotlight, with their 10% cannabidiol concentration.

This CBD-rich oil is extracted with CO². Produced from CBD flower seeds, Nanogram offers you a top-quality product. The 10% CBD oil comes in two different formats:

  • A 10-mL format, which is a fairly discreet size that you can easily carry with you wherever you go. This format is ideal for occasional consumers, or for short trips.
  • A 30-mL format, which is a little more substantial than the previous one. This format is perfect for anyone who enjoys a more regular consumption. It can also be a great way to treat your friends at a party.

This CBD oil contains 10% cannabidiol, which is a CBD level considered moderate. As such, it is suitable for novices as well as for those seeking mild effects.


Neutral aromas for everywhere use

10% CBD oil is extracted from the seeds of CBD hemp flowers. As a result, CBD oil contains very low levels of terpenes and other cannabinoids, which means that this product contains very little THC – less than 0.1%– making it completely legal for consumption. The final product has a faint cannabis odour and taste, which can be very practical, as it can be incorporated into a variety of products without its aromatic signature altering the final product.

So you can add it to your favorite dishes, cosmetics and even directly under your tongue!


How to use 10% CBD oils?

Using 10% CBD oil is simple enough on its own, but if it’s your very first time dealing with a product like this, it may seem natural to wonder how to consume 10% cbd oil. Well, there are a multitude of ways to consume your hemp CBD oil:

  • Under the tongue: Simply take a few drops of 10% CBD oil from the bottle, using the integrated pipette, and place small drops under your tongue. The 10% CBD oil needs to act quickly, as this allows the CBD to pass directly into the bloodstream.
  • In your everyday dishes: 10% CBD oil can also invite itself to your table. In fact, it blends perfectly with any recipe you choose.
  • In your cosmetics: as 10% CBD oil is a fatty substance, and therefore nourishing, it can be incorporated into your day and/or night care products. All you need to do is extract a few drops from the bottle, and add a few drops to your skincare cream.

Warning! We strongly advise against adding 10% CBD oil to your e-cigarette, as this product is not designed to be mixed with e-liquids. Indeed, 10% CBD oil cannot evaporate, and may clog your vaporizer.

What’s more, if you’re elderly and/or taking medication, we advise you to ask your doctor for advice on whether taking 10% CBD oil is compatible with your state of health.


The relaxing effects of 10% CBD oils

10% CBD oil is a product to be reserved for moments of relaxation, and can help you unwind in any circumstance. Whether it’s the eve of an exam or a professional meeting, 10% CBD oil will be your best ally in helping you relax, and get through the ordeal as serenely as possible.

Apply a few drops under your tongue, and you can say goodbye to sleepless nights! It may also be useful for chronic or temporary joint pain. Add it to your moisturizer, and it could help you gently relax every muscle in your body.

Add a CBD infusion to your 10% CBD oil skincare products, and you’ve got a great chill and cocooning moment.

Nanogram® guarantees

  • Superior quality oil
  • Zero THC
  • Organic & vegan products



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