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Dabber Spatula

Dabber Spatula

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A dabber spatula, ideal for choosing the right dose of CBD and enjoying moments of pure relaxation. Heat-resistant Tungsten spatula.

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Discover this indispensable tool for CBD distillate consumers: the dabber spatula!

Take the right dose with the dabber spatula

If you’ve ever used one of our distillate products, then you’ll know that it’s no simple matter to take a single dose of this semi-liquid paste. In fact, because of its texture, using your fingers to scoop up the substance is totally outlawed, as the CBD distillate is likely to run through your fingers, making it impossible to use.

What’s more, as CBD distillate is a fairly strong product, since it’s a CBD concentrate, it’s best to take small doses to get the most out of it. That’s why Kilogrammes now offers you a tool that will revolutionize the use of CBD distillate: the dabber spatula!


What is CBD distillate?

We’ve just told you about the dabber spatula and its use with CBD distillate, but do you know what a distillate is? For those new to the subject, distillate is a process thatextracts molecules from a plant, such as CBD flowers.

The process uses hot steam, which is poured over the CBD cannabis flowers, then passed through a machine to separate the various components of the flower. In this way, cannabinoids, terpenes and all other molecules are separated, and can then be extracted to make a concentrate. At Kilogrammes, we’ve opted to preserve the cannabidiol, because that’s the molecule we’re interested in.

The result is a semi-liquid paste-like product, brown/gold in color, which is pure CBD.

How to consume CBD distillate?

There are a multitude of ways to consume distillate CBD, whether by swallowing, applying or smoking. In fact, this type of product adapts to all your consumption desires. You can :

  • Take it sublingually, i.e. apply it under your tongue, so that it enters the bloodstream directly, and its effects are quickly felt. The spatula makes it easy! Choose the most appropriate tip, take the desired amount and place it under your tongue. All you have to do is lick the tip of the spatula, and let the effects of the CBD distillate wash over you.
  • Incorporate it into your recipes. In fact, CBD distillate can be added directly to your dishes, without the need for any further processing, unlike some products such as CBD butter. And it couldn’t be simpler: with the dabber spatula, you take just the right amount to incorporate into your meal. You’ll then have CBD-rich recipes to share with friends and family… or not!
  • Introduce it into your cosmetics. That’s right, this little CBD gem can be added to your daily skincare routine. Whether in your day cream, cleansing milk or hair mask, CBD distillate will enhance your cosmetics. And with the dabber spatula, you can collect the dose of CBD distillate that suits you best, and incorporate it into your cream. All that’s left is to homogenize it by stirring with the same spatula you used to dose it.
  • Apply it to your rolling papers, toadd a little extra to your cigarettes. Simply spread a little CBD distillate with a spatula, then add your tobacco and roll your cigarette. Hyper-relaxing cigarettes are yours!
  • And finally, you can add it to your e-liquids, making your own CBD e-cigarette liquids. With the dabber spatula, you can easily dose your CBD content and control its potency. You can then vary the CBD content of your e-liquids to suit your needs and desires.


Only for CBD distillate?

But the dabber spatula isn’t just for CBD distillate. You can also use it to measure out your CBD isolate or CBD pollen.

Indeed, these CBD products are also difficult to dose with bare hands, because whether it’s CBD crystals (isolate) or CBD pollen, they cling to your fingers and risk wasting product. With the dabber spatula, on the other hand, you can choose the ideal dose, whether small or large, according to your needs, thanks to its different tips, which you can easily change.

It can also be used for other products such as CBD rosin, which is the “cousin” of CBD distillate, since it uses the same extraction method, but not the same sampling medium. Indeed, while CBD distillate comes from CBD flowers, CBD cannabis rosin comes from CBD resin, giving you a product ultra-concentrated in cannabidiol.

Use the dabber spatula in your everyday life, and you’ll see that it’ll quickly become indispensable!



  • A solid yet flexible spatula for easy use
  • Perfect dosage for a unique experience
  • Easy to clean and discreet



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