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Fruitcake Popcorn

Fruitcake Popcorn

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Fruitcake popcorn CBD by Kilogrammes ⚠︎DISCLAIMER⚠︎ : THIS POPCORN IS FROM AN OLD LOT, DATED LAST YEAR, PERMITTING THE UNBEATABLE PRICE/QUALITY RATIO PROPOSED. THE QUALITY OF THE FLOWER REMAINS IN LINE WITH OUR STANDARDS. Sit back and watch your favourite film, this Fruitcake popcorn will be delighted to accompany you.

CBD: 6.5

THC: <0.3%

Size: Small

Origin: EU

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Sweetness incarnate

This Fruitcake Popcorn CBD is inspired by the Fruitcake variety. It is what is known as a hybrid plant, as its genetics come from a cross with several other varieties. Its origins lie in a cross between Cherry Pie and Sherbet Dreams. Thanks to its complex genetics, Fruitcake offers flowers rich in taste and flavour, which will delight both seasoned consumers and novices.

But it has also been mixed with other varieties since then, such as Animal Cookie and Fruit Pebbles OG.

And the Kilogrammes team is proud to present its version of this variety: Fruitcake Popcorn CBD, a plant rich in cannabidiol, with a THC content of less than 0.3%!

Small flowers, but a great vintage!

Predominantly indica, Fruitcake Popcorn CBD is small to medium-sized, but very compact. It produces a rather large yield, with small, hard buds in shades of green and light brown, adorned with tiny, barely visible orange pistils. In fact, it’s because of the size of its buds that we’ve named this variety ‘popcorn’.

But these little CBD flowers are bound to surprise you! You’d think that because the flowers are relatively smaller than most other strains, they’d be softer, or even completely insignificant… But think again! These little buds are packed with trichomes, which contain high-quality terpenes and cannabinoids!

Grown in greenhouses, they benefit from natural sunlight and rich soil, while avoiding parasites and other natural variations that could slow down the growth of Fruitcake Popcorn CBD.


Citrus fruits for a good mood

Fruitcake Popcorn CBD is much appreciated for its fruity, sweet flavours, often reminiscent of a well-known variety, our CBD Gelato. There are also a few notes of citrus fruit to make it all the better!

In terms of taste, Fruitcake Popcorn CBD offers very fruity flavours, combined with a pleasant sweetness. A subtle blend of acidity, fruit and sugar – that’s how we might describe the flavours of Fruitcake Popcorn CBD.


Less agitation with CBD Fruitcake Popcorn

Fruitcake Popcorn CBD is said to have soothing and relaxing properties, which could help you to reduce certain sensations of chronic pain and inflammation.

With its hybrid profile, this CBD strain has both a boosting and a soothing effect. It’s a strain that helps put your mind at rest and relaxes your body, without tiring you out. It’s ideal at the end of the day, to help you forget a few worries, or at lunchtime, to start the second half of the day.

Of course, the effects of CBD are unique to each individual and may vary from one person to another. However, CBD products are not medicines and in no way replace medical treatment. Ask your doctor for advice if you need it.


How to consume Fruitcake Popcorn CBD?

You have several choices when it comes to consuming CBD flowers, whether by inhalation or ingestion. If you opt for the first method, we advise you to use a vaporiser, to get the most out of our Fruitcake Popcorn CBD without altering the product.

But you can also choose the ingestion method to enjoy these delicious CBD flowers. You can use them as ingredients in your recipes, creating CBD butter, CBD oil or simply sprinkling a few decarboxylated flowers on your plate.

Finally, you can make delicious CBD infusions by immersing your flowers in a hot liquid, always accompanied by whole milk or fat. This will allow the CBD to reach its full potential, so you can enjoy all its benefits.

You can also decide to alternate methods of consumption, depending on your mood and needs. It’s up to you to decide which method suits you best!



  • Rigorously selected CBD flowers
  • THC levels below 0.3% (in accordance with current legislation)
  • For bulk purchases, go to the CBD wholesaler section

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