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Green Crack

Green Crack

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Ladies and gentlemen : rejoice

As for you, novices: prepare to taste a glimpse of the old deals. Without getting into the famous debate of “It was better before,” Green Crack CBD emits an old-school weed smell, the kind you could cop in the early 2000s, paid for at a premium… if you had the right contacts, that is. The scent it releases is complex: sweet at first, with fruity and floral notes but also resinous; a mix that recalls candied bitter orange. Excellent.


From the US

The Green Crack in its THC form is the favorite variety of many breeders in California, and it continues its career in Europe. The Green Crack is originally a plant of cannabis with fairly ancient origins, coming from a Skunk#1 and an Afghani, which gives it particular genetics.

The result of this bland is a durable and strong strain, which displays impressive resistance to certain attacks, such as mold and pests. It is a strain that prefers dry and warm climates and, when it benefits from good conditions, produces magnificent flowers that grow tall and are full of trichomes.

With its Christmas tree shape, Green Crack can reach a large size, so it is advisable to prune or train it to grow more easily. Its light green buds reflect the sweetness of this variety, and the same goes for our Green Crack CBD.

Did you know? Green Crack has been around for several decades, but it didn’t always have this name. We find it under the name of Crush or Green Crush for example.




CBD 10,4
CBG 0,76
Δ9THC 0,30

An impressive sativa

The flowers of Green Crack THC have pistils that range from pink to orange, hinting at the powerful effects she has to offer. The shiny side is evidence of its abundance of resin, showing its richness in terpenes. As a sativa, it can grow to impressive heights, although Green Crack is generally no taller than 200 cm.

Thanks to its generous genetics, this plant is fairly flexible when it comes to growing, in the sense that it will easily forgive slight fluctuations in nutrients, water or light. It is therefore an ideal plant for beginners, who will be delighted to see pretty little resinous flowers after around sixty days.

Grown in the right conditions, growers can expect 450-500 g/m². We decided to grow it indoors to get the best possible yield.


Green Crack, a sweetness without a name

Like many varieties, Green Crack is a hybrid which, thanks to its crossbreeding, possesses original aromas. It has an exotic fruit smell and a flavour of citrus, mango, pineapple, cedar and incense. It has a very pleasant effect, which consumers describe as cerebral, providing a tonic, euphoric, powerful and long-lasting effect.

How should Green Crack CBD be consumed?

CBD flowers can be consumed in a variety of ways, which you can alternate according to your mood, your consumption habits or simply your needs.

Some consumers prefer infusions, as the effects will be felt more gently and more slowly. When ingested, the effects of cannabidiol will take longer to be felt, but will last longer. We advise you to take small doses, waiting between 1 hour and 1? hours before taking another dose if necessary.

You can also use it to make cannabutter or CBD oil, which you can add to your recipes for delicious, relaxing moments. Thanks to its mild flavours, Green Crack CBD will suit all your dishes, whether sweet or savoury.

Finally, you can inhale it for rapid effects. If you choose this method of consumption, we advise you to use a vaporiser, which allows you to benefit from the virtues of CBD without any harmful effects. If you burn your flowers, as is the case if you eat them rolled, the charring releases smoke that can be harmful to your respiratory system.

  • Rigorously selected CBD flowers
  • THC levels below 0.3% (in accordance with current legislation)
  • For bulk purchases, go to the CBD wholesaler section

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