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5M Rolls

5M Rolls

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Don’t set yourself any limits (well, you can: you’ve got 5 metres)
Ladies and gentlemen, please give these rolls a proper welcome!

Paper: Hemp, unbleached
Quantity: 32
Length: 5 meters
Filters: None
Gum: Natural Arabic

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The Rolls give you the freedom to choose the size of your paper. Small or large, it’s up to you!


Rolls for CBD flowers

Discover rolling paper in a roll format by Kilogrammes! Better known as “rolls”, this product allows you to make CBD flower joints of any length! Don’t be limited by paper size with Kilogrammes rolls.

It’s an economical product, because it’s the same width as the classic paper, which doesn’t confuse the consumer, but its length can vary, depending on what you want.

The full length of the pack is 5 metres, so you’ve got enough for a lot of rolling!


Ecological and economical rolling paper

As well as saving you money, our rolls are made from hemp fibre, which adds a special flavour when you eat it, mingling with those of your flowers to create unique aromas!

Its caramel colour comes from the fact that we have chosen not to treat it with bleaching agents, as can be the case with other products of the same type that you can find on the market. These products could be harmful to your health and that of the planet, which is why we’ve chosen to leave them natural.

What’s more, you’ll discover that rolls have a sticky side that runs the length of the product, helping to seal your joint once it’s rolled. This stickiness is achieved by applying natural arabic gum to the entire product.


How to use the Rolls Kilograms?

If you’re not used to this type of product, it’s normal to wonder how to use it properly. Our team has a few tips to help you get the most out of your rolls:

  • Pull on the rolls to choose the length of your paper,
  • Then cut your rolls to the length of your choice, to create a single paper,
  • Add the CBD and/or tobacco flowers to the middle of the rolls you’ve just cut,
  • Roll up and seal by moistening the ‘sticky’ side of the roll,
  • Enjoy!

You can also choose to add dry sift, rosin, CBD resin or distillate, depending on what you prefer.



  • Rigorously selected CBD flowers
  • THC levels below 0.3% (in accordance with current legislation)
  • A unique experience

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