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Kilogrammes Grinder

Kilogrammes Grinder

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Save time and energy when rolling!

We’ve heard you and we’ve understood you: no more crumbling with your little fingers.

Material : Metal

Dimensions: 6.5 cm

Colour : Black & White

Accessory : Pouch

Design: Engraved on both sides

Original photo of the product

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Kilogrammes Grinder

Our team has finally brought you a Kilogrammes Grinder! This grinder, bearing the effigy of our Kilogrammes brand, is an essential accessory for any good consumer: this grinder will enable you to transform your CBD flowers into fine plant matter.

Its colour contrasts with our logo, making for a classic, discreet grinder. The grinder is an essential accessory for those who consume CBD products by inhalation. In general, the grinder is made up of two parts and features a set of interconnected teeth. It is these ‘teeth’ that crush the buds when the top part is turned. The aluminium teeth on this grinder are particularly sharp, making them ideal for chopping flowers 🙂

Why use a grinder?

By putting your flowers through a grinder, you increase the surface area available, making it easier to release cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds from the flower.

This is useful when the plant material is being inhaled or processed into edible products. What’s more, putting your flowers through a grinder will ensure that they burn more evenly. You can then enjoy all the aromas and smells of your flower.

And as far as edible products are concerned, crushing your CBD flowers in a grinder will prevent you from having large chunks of bud in your culinary preparations, which will give a more pleasant effect in the mouth and a more uniform taste. But it’s up to you to adapt the thickness of your flowers according to the method of consumption you choose and your preferences.

A discreet grinder

Its size (6 cm in diameter) means you can take it with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to crush your flowers discreetly, as this grinder fits neatly into a bag, jacket or trouser pocket.

The Kilogrammes grinder has a single level to avoid losing the material. The two parts are held together by a magnet system, so your grinder won’t open between uses! It comes with a pouch so you can take your grinder wherever you go without the risk of damaging it.



  • A robust Grinder
  • Optimum crumbling
  • A unique experience



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