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Clipper Lighter

Clipper Lighter

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Note for all Clipper lighter collectors: You will only find this one here. And maybe in the pockets of your favorite rappers.
Material: Plastic & Metal
Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.5 cm
Color: Black & White
Rechargeable: Yes

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A good Clipper Kilogrammes lighter, always in your pocket when you need it… Before someone steals it from you.

Clipper® lighter, a must.

Every smoker needs to have a good lighter that won’t die at the crucial moment! This is why our team offers you a Clipper lighter by Kilogrammes.

At the beginning you had to rub two stones to light a fire. The first sophisticated lighter appeared in 1823 and consisted of a hydrogen cartridge and a platinum catalyst which acted as a trigger. The gas lighter is a French invention, dating back to 1948. Since then, this very useful little object has never left users, pockets. The Clipper® lighters are synonymous with quality and reliability, becoming a must-have!

Thanks to its round shape, it can easily slip into a pack of cigarettes, without damaging them. A true phenomenon, the Clipper® lighter It will then be offered in a countless number of different designs, attracting an impressive number of fans and collectors!

As a result, we thought that we too needed to have our own Clipper® lighter and join the big family of these essential lighters.


A lighter yes, but rechargeable!

Recognized worldwide, the Clipper brand has two characteristics that make their lighters stand out from the crowd.

First: the lighters are rechargeable. Which means that you won’t need to repurchase one every week, great point. All you have to do is go to a tobacco shop to purchase a butane cylinder and that’s it. No more tears shed while looking at your lighter at the bottom of the trash can: the Clipper® lighter is more environmental friendly, therefore more economic.

Then as with all Clippers, you can also change the stone if needed. And this is an easy task, since the stones are also sold in all tobacco shops.

Finally, the removable stem of the Clipper® lighter is well known by the 420 community to allow smokers to pack joints (pure CBD flowers of course) as it should, but it also works for CBD flowers.

Our Kilogrammes Clipper will offer you numerous economic and ecological advantages. Renowned for its longevity, because it is rechargeable, it will never leave your pockets!


The advantages of a Clipper Kilogrammes lighter

Our Clipper® lighter has many qualities, such as:

  • Its long lifespanequipped with a simple mechanism that allows you to change the stones easily;
  • A refillable gas lighter, allowing you to keep your lighter without having to buy one regularly;
  • A unique design, representing the wonderful Kilogrammes logo;
  • A removable part of the Clipper® lighter, which can be used as a packer (we know you know) ;
  • A fixed and stable flame, allowing a safe lighting experience.

In addition, this lighter is only available on our site! Which allows you not to have the same one as 99% of people and to avoid a theft followed by a “oh sorry! I thought it was mine, I have exactly the same! It’s crazy.” You’ll thank us later.



  • Unfailing resistance, Clipper® lighter
  • Compliance with ISO 9994 standards
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