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Junky Milk

Junky Milk

4.65/5 (0 avis )

Junky MILK by Kilograms

THC: <0.3%

Cultivation: Greenhouse

Quality: A+

Caliber: Medium

Density: Dense

Color: Green + orange

Softwood: Extreme

Manicure: Hand + Cannabrush

Curing time: 3 months

Storage: Fridge

Seed: Clones

Origin: EU

Grower: Zilla

Home delivery within 3 working days

Limited stock


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Junky Milk: 3 years in the making. Out of 280 plants, only one remained! (CLONE ELITE)


This variety has been carefully developed by our team of growers over 3 years.

To achieve this result, we selected 280 mother plants, which had already been selected from 1,200 plants. After refining our selection, we managed to isolate around ten plants with high potential. These plants were then sent to flower in our indoor facility under LED lights (Big up @Floraflex). After harvesting, we sent the products to a partner laboratory (AMBRA) for analysis. The plant with the best results was kept as the mother plant.

The best phenotype of our Junky Milk has produced extraordinary results: an incredible CBD – CBG blend. The result of years of research has finally been rewarded. It’s with great joy (and a certain pride) that we finally unveil it to you. Its characteristics are unique, both in terms of CBD – CBG levels and appearance. Covered in trichomes, it has a well-controlled resin/moisture ratio! And we look forward to hearing from you.

Its indica side means it flowers quickly, between 65 and 68 days. We chose to grow it in a Greenhouse to ensure that these flowers grow in stable conditions and that their appearance is preserved as much as possible. It has therefore benefited from the best fertilizer on the market:


Junky Milk powered by Advanced nutrients

  • Sensi Bloom a and B: This is a kind of flowering booster that provides the nutrients your plants need to flower properly, while making them strong and healthy.
  • BIG Bud: Helps plants form ever larger flowers with pistil-rich buds;
  • Bud Candy: The role of this fertilizer is to help the plant produce denser, heavier flowers, as well as stimulating their resin production;
  • Sensizym: This is a kind of “band-aid”, helping the plant to regenerate its damaged and tired roots;
  • B-52: These are B-type vitamins, which enable nutrients to reach the places the plant needs to grow properly, and also help photosynthesis;
  • Overdrive: This is a fertilizer used after Big Bud, with the aim of always making the flowers grow as big as possible.

These fertilizers come from Advanced Nutrients, a brand renowned for its quality products. Grown under LED, it has also benefited from a 3-month curing period with cool storage, giving us a variety with a rich, well-developed terpene profile!


A smooth CBD-CBG cannabis strain

Just by reading the name, you’ll know that Junky Milk has smooth, creamy flavours, of course! You’ll also find light aromas of orange and mango, giving a certain sweetness to the flower, but also an additional flavour detectable by connoisseurs and a little special since it’s the diesel side. Indeed, Junky Milk gives off petrol-like aromas that are ready to catch fire with every puff, which can also be found in other varieties such as New York Diesel.

It’s this very aroma that makes this variety so appealing, and consumers are often on the lookout for it.

Taste is important, but so is appearance! This beautiful plant has been preserved from all external aggression. As a result, it has superb orange pistils in a variety of shades. With its fleshy, resinous buds, discover this sweet, trichome-filled variety!


A relaxing indica

Junky Milk is an indica-dominant strain, which means that its overall effects are relaxing and soothing, making you want to crawl under the comforter or on the sofa and stay there. However, the strain offered by the Kilogrammes team has a THC level of no more than 0.3%, which means you won’t get the “high” you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

As the name suggests, Junky Milk CBD-CBG contains cannabidiol, which is said to have beneficial effects on the body, as well as cannabigerol. The latter acts on the dopaminergic system and can provoke a sensation of relaxation, both physical, with muscular relaxation, and mental. This can come in handy if you’re experiencing an anxiety episode, but also if you suffer from chronic pain.

Of course, each person is different, and the effects may vary depending on the individual. However, CBD is not a drug and is not intended to be a treatment! If you wish to consume it, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor, especially if you’re already on medication.


How to use Junky Milk CBD-CBG?

These CBD flowers can be consumed in a variety of ways, which you can adapt according to your desires, consumption habits and needs.

For rapid effects, you can consume our CBD flowers by inhalation or combustion, by adding them to hemp leaves. However, this type of consumption is the least recommended, as smoking is not recommended for the respiratory system. Of course, some consumers will prefer this technique, but we really advise you to try out the other ways of consuming Junky Milk CBD, in order to preserve your lungs.

You can opt for the “ingestion” option, either by toasting your flowers and then decarboxylating them to add to your dishes. Or by making CBD butter or CBD oil to add to your recipes.

Finally, you can infuse your hemp CBD flowers in a hot drink, be it coffee, tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate. Remember to decarboxylate them, as the heat of the drink does not allow the CBD to offer its full potential, and accompany your drink with a fatty substance for optimal CBD effect.

It’s up to you to decide which method best suits your needs 🙂




  • Rigorously selected CBD flowers
  • THC levels below 0.3% (in compliance with current legislation)
  • For wholesale purchases, visit the CBD wholesaler section



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