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Mixing bowl

Mixing bowl

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Mixing bowl: the best tool for rolling a joint quickly and easily, without wasting material.

A mini glow-in-the-dark silicone bowl that goes everywhere!

Diameter: 7 cm
Material: silicone

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À Propos

A mixing bowl to mix your weed

Mixing flowers or hash with tobacco or substitutes is always a risky business! If you use the palm of your hand to make this mixture, there’s always the risk of losing material when transferring it from hand to paper or spray bottle, you know it.

That’s why the Kilogrammes team offers you a tool that every good stoner must have among his cannabis accessories. This tool is none other than the mixing bowl, a small but sturdy dish for mixing tobacco and weed and transferring it all to a leaf, with no risk of spillage.

Our signature Kilograms mixing bowl makes it easy to fill your rolling paper, so you can enjoy a relaxing moment to the full.

Mix in style with mixing bowls by Kilogrammes!


Phosphorescent silicone mixer

Tired of using an old magazine, a coconut, the palm of your hand or a corner of the table to make your blend? Make your life easier with Kilogrammes mixing bowls!

With its small 7-centimetre diameter, our mixing bowl will slip easily into your bag or simply into your pocket, and follow you everywhere! Made from high-quality silicone, it’s easy to clean, so you won’t have to mix the different flavours of your CBD flowers… unless you want to!

Its added bonus is that it is phosphorescent, making it easy to find, even in the dark. That way, you can sit on your sofa, watch a good movie with all the lights off, and still be able to make a German blend. This also makes it easier to empty the mixture into the leaves, even in the dark.

Mixing bowls are available in two different colours, one fluorescent pink and the other pale pink, so you’ll be surprised to discover the color of your mixing bowl. In fact, the colours of this product are not selectable in the choices, so it will leave you with a surprise when you receive it!
Combining flexibility and practicality, you won’t be able to do without it!


How to use a Mixing Bowl

The mixing bowl is easy to handle and use. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select the CBD flower(s) you wish to consume;
  • Add tobacco (or a substitute is better) to the bowl;
  • Mix gently with your fingers, folding the edges of the mixing bowl inwards;
  • Grind and mix the flowers (and tobacco), rubbing the two edges of the bowl together;
  • Once the mixture is almost homogeneous, you can pour it into a sheet or spray bottle;
  • All that’s left for you to do is enjoy your roulage at your leisure.

The main advantage of this bowl is its natural flexibility, which allows you to place the mixture gently and easily into your leaf, without losing a crumb!



  • A flexible, sturdy cup
  • A homogeneous mix with our bowl
  • A unique experience

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