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Strawsift CBG/CBD

Strawsift CBG/CBD

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Strawsift CBG / CBD by Kilogrammes: Our Strawsift CBG & CBD is mechanically extracted, guaranteed to be free from solvents or other chemicals. Flowers from the Strawberry Lemon CBG variety are pressed at low temperatures to best preserve the cannabinoids and their benefits. This process yields a CBG Rosin, to which we add CBD Drysift collected using sieves and dry ice. This mixture provides a perfect ratio of CBG to CBD, for an optimal and especially unique effect!

CBG: 34,5% CBD: 8,75% THC: <0.3%

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Discover a one of a kind products with delicious fruit flavours: The Strawsift!


What is Strawsift CBG ?

To understand the Strawsift CBG, you need to know its composition, which is the mix of Strawberry Lemonade and Drysift CBD !

You are certainly wondering what these different components are, and what are their properties? If you are not familiar with the world of cannabidiol, then it’s normal that terms like “drysift” seem strange to you. But the Kilogrammes team is here to guide you in choosing CBD products adapted to your needs!


Strawberry Lemon, a product rich in flavour

The Strawberry lemon is a variety of hemp, resulting from a cross between a Strawberry and a Lemon OG, giving plants that are easy to grow and resistant to cold, humidity and mold. With its Sativa dominance, Strawberry Lemon is a tall lady that can reach 2.50 meters if grown outdoors, but will remain around 1.50 meters if placed indoors.

With a flowering time of 60 to 70 days, it can produce up to 700 gr/m² of flowers, with a shiny appearance because it is rich in resin and terpenes. Its aroma combines notes of strawberry and lemon, with an earthly aftertaste, which appeals to consumers.

It has a stimulating effect due to its Sativa dominance, and helps promote creativity and physical relaxation, leaving its consumer in a positive state and relaxed.


Drysift CBD, what is it?

The other component of the Strawsift CBG is the drysift, which is another technique that allows certain parts of the CBD flower to be extracted. This process uses dry ice and sieves with larger or smaller mesh sizes, depending on the desired result. The goal of the technique is to recover trichomes, which are small resinous glands, real aroma bags! With this type of method we obtain a powerful product, high in cannabinoids !

There are different types of trichomes, divided into 3 classes:

  • Bulbous trichomes, which measure between 25 and 30 microns;
  • Sessile flower heads trichomes, also called “bulbous trichomes” measuring between 25 and 100 microns ;
  • Stemmed flower heads trichomes, also found under the name “glandular trichomes” and are the largest variety of trichomes! It is also this type of trichomes which contain the majority of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The mixture of the two elements allows us to obtain a product rich in CBD and CBG, for optimal relaxation!


A tasty and powerful product

CBD has been gaining popularity recently, and rightly so, as it helps relax the body, with muscle relaxation, and thus also reduces anxiety. The Kilogrammes team took the time to develop a product similar to Jelly Hash CBG, aiming to bring together taste, smell, texture, and the consistency of hash on a single canvas.

However, we ask you to be cautious, as this product is thermo-reactive and very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. This means that when temperatures are low, the Strawsift CBD adopts a hard texture and softens when it reaches room temperature.

A malleable, tasty, and high-quality product, that’s what describes Strawsift CBD well!

Everything you could expect from good hash, Strawsift has it!



How to enjoy Strawsift CBG ?

Since it’s a very sticky product, once you’ve heated it, do not touch it, or you’ll find it all over your fingers! It will then be very difficult to get rid of because this is not your classic hash. So be careful with your clothes and other fabrics, it would be a shame to waste the product 😉

Its storage will be optimal at a maximum of 15°C, so placing it in your fridge might be the best thing to do!

Adjust your consumption of Strawsift CBD according to your desires, needs, and consumption habits.



  • Rigorously selected CBD flowers
  • TCH levels of less than 0,3 % (in accordance to current legislation)
  • Premium quality terpenes

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