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Fruitcake CBD: Fruity, herbal terps: everything we love.
CBD: 7,6%
THC: <0.3%
Cultivation: Greenhouse
Quality: A+
Size: Large
Density: Hard
Resinous: Yes
Manicure: By hand
Curing: 1 month
Seed: Cuttings
Origin: EU
Grower: Paul L.

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À Propos

A flower with a very flowery taste and sweet notes, that’s what this Fruitcake CBD promises you!

The best flower in America

Fruitcake is originally a hybrid strain, having been created from several strains, combining Animal Cookies and Fruity Pebbles OG in a new resin-rich, easy-to-grow variety.

Animal Cookies, an American bestseller, is a combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. Fire OG is a remarkable variety, considered to be the strongest in the OG family. All it took was crossing an Animal Cookies with a Fruity Pebbles OG to create the super Fruitcake, a variety like no other!

Fruitcake combines the best of Animal Cookies and Fruity Pebbles OG in a high-yielding variety with large flowers covered in ultra-sticky resin.

That’s why the team is proud to present its CBD version on the shop: a plant rich in cannabidiol, with a THC level still below 0.3%.


Floral, fruity buds

The Fruitcake strain is originally an indica, which gives the plant the appearance of a stubby, sticky bush. But this only applies to THC-rich versions, and what the Kilogrammes team is offering you is the Fruitcake CBD version, which is rich in cannabidiol, so it won’t make any difference to the effects it can give you, just for information.

The light brown trichomes are responsible for the flavours of Fruitcake CBD, and are small to medium in size. But that doesn’t mean that the flavours of its buds are any less important – quite the contrary. In fact, one of the reasons Fruitcake is so popular with regular users and newcomers alike is its high yield.

The many trichomes in the flowers are filled with terpenes, the molecules that give the variety its organoleptic signature, as well as containing cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG.


Aromas to give you a boost

Need a little boost to give you the motivation to get through the day? Fruitcake CBD is the strain for you! Highly appreciated for its fruity, sweet flavours, it might remind you of other strains available in our shop, like our beloved Gelato CBD, for example. Just like her, Fruitcake has a few citrus notes that will make your day!

In terms of taste, you’ll enjoy its very fruity flavours, combined with a pleasant sweetness. Fruitcake could be defined as: subtly tart, fruity and sweet, a real treat in itself!


Relax with Fruitcake CBD

Fruitcake CBD is said to have soothing and relaxing properties, which are very useful in times of anxiety and/or stress. It is also said to be effective for chronic pain and inflammation, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s a strain that can help you put your mind at rest while offering physical relaxation without disconnecting you from reality. It’s a strain we’d tend to recommend at the end of the day, to relax you after a hard day, or at lunchtime, to give you the courage to get on with your day.

Of course, the effects of CBD are unique to each individual and may vary from one person to another. However, CBD products are not medicines and in no way replace medical treatment. Ask your doctor for advice if you need it.


How should Fruitcake CBD be used?

You can enjoy this fruity variety in any way you like, either by inhalation or ingestion. For the first method, we advise you to use a vaporiser, which will ensure risk-free consumption for your respiratory system, as the CBD flowers will not burn.

For the second method, you have various options, such as infusions, or preparing your CBD buds in butter after decarboxylating them. Or you can incorporate them into your favourite dishes, simply by sprinkling your decarboxylated flowers over your plate and enjoying a delicious, soothing moment.

Choose the one that suits you best, and don’t hesitate to try others 😉


  • Rigorously selected CBD flowers
  • THC levels below 0.3% (in accordance with current legislation)
  • For bulk purchases, go to the CBD wholesaler section

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