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Rolling Papers Slim x32

Rolling Papers Slim x32

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Classic sheet: the good old pack of slim sheets Roll like a pro with these simply perfect sheets.

Leaves: Wood pulp, unbleached

Quantity: 32

Length: classic slim

Filters: No

Gum: Natural Arabic

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Try this product from Kilogrammes, unbleached slim leaves, certified 100% natural!

Slim rolling paper for CBD flowers

You might think that rolling papers are just an accessory to enjoy your CBD flowers, but did you know that the type of paper you use has an impact on your taste? In fact, the taste and speed of combustion can change depending on the composition of the paper.

That’s why the Kilogrammes team offers you unbleached rolling papers that respect the environment and your health!

Produced from wood pulp, our rolling papers are 100% natural, as they are not bleached using chemicals that are toxic to your health and to the planet. Kilogrammes guarantees you quality papers, while ensuring that your consumption is less harmful to your health.

You’ll find that from the very first taffes, you’ll discover unique aromas, combining those of your flowers with those of slim papers, creating a unique blend! To make it easier for you to roll your buds, we’ve opted for a specially-designed size for our papers, to make the task easier and more enjoyable.

Combined with one of our many CBD varieties, you’re guaranteed a moment of pure relaxation!


Ecological rolling papers

We’ve chosen to offer you wood-pulp rolling papers because they have a medium to fast burn rate, which means that when you consume your CBD buds in them, they generally stay well lit.

What’s more, we’ve chosen to offer you unbleached leaves, to guarantee you a cleaner, healthier experience. Did you know that to give rolling papers their white appearance, they are bleached with chlorine or other chemicals? These chemicals are not only bad for your health, they also give your joints an unnatural taste. That’s why our papers have an attractive brown/caramel colour, which also gives them a certain charm!

The stickiness of our rolling papers is created using natural gum arabic, which makes them both natural AND environmentally friendly, since the cardboard they come in is recyclable. By buying them, you’re making a natural and responsible choice, from production to consumption. Don’t forget to look carefully at your pack, who knows, you might find a surprise 😉

Today, hemp leaf is unquestionably the most popular leaf with both recreational and therapeutic cannabis users. No more excuses… go for it!



  • Natural, unbleached leaves
  • THC levels below 0.3% (in accordance with current legislation)
  • A unique experience

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